Рыбалка тверская область иваньковское

Trolling on the upper Volga, school, master class (Ivankovskoye vsp., Moscow Sea) Tver region

Professional trolling school: training for river trolling and catching for pre-levelers in the entire water area of ​​the Ivankovskoye reservoir, preferably the Shosh region (the smallest number of nets), for a variety - jig, diversion leash, catching asp, perch. Optimum tour duration from 04-00 to 12-00 (8 hours), incl. breaks for rest and bathing. The most productive duration of the tour is from 04-00 to 22-00 with a break for daytime sleep.
A professional fishing boat equipped with TE (Trolling Edition) produced by the USA - Crestliner RAPTOR 1750WT TE with a HONDA 150 hp engine, not included in the cost of a motorboat and a motor in tuning, is included 157 000 $, author's work,

Comfortable stay on the water:
- transparent full awning;
- Built-in under-deck refrigerator with a temperature of +5 g. for 50 liters;
- bathing platform;
- gas grill overboard;
- climate control Webasto 3 kW, 6 points of warm air supply;

Safe all weather navigation incl. night passages and fog:
- windscreen wipers;
- Raymarine HD Digital marine radar antenna with a 14-inch Raymarine screen;
- imposition of radar conditions on navigation maps Navionics;
- a collision warning system on the water;
- a marine real-time thermal imager with an image output to the screen of Raymarine 9 inches;
- autopilot Raymarine;
- a place for the navigator (assistance in control of the water area with limited visibility);
- duplicated echolocation;
- the boat is officially radiofrequered, the possibility of a lock;

Guaranteed safety of the catch:
- aerators with oxygen enrichment (100 liters and 50 liters) + 1 aerator for bait;
- an additional freezer with a temperature of -18 g. on 40 liters;

- trolling motor MinnKota Terrova with autopilot and anchor function;
- 360-degree viewing system. from HUMMINBIRD;
- Silent anchor TALON;
- Downriggers Canon DigiTroll 10 with automatic tracking of the bottom relief;
- SideVision on the monitor HUMMINBIRD 12 inches;
- electric glider coil Big Jon;
- 4-channel video recorder and a 1Tb hard disk;
- action camera GoPRO in 4K format;
- electrical outlets 12V, 220V, 110V, USB;

Additional paid services:
- Cutting of the catch and packing into vacuum;
- cooling or shock freezing on the road;

- I will drive to the restaurant;
- I will land on the shore or on an island;
- we will fry on the boat;

Car storage:
- guarded parking lot;

- are provided;
- assistance in rigging - possible;

- no more than 2 fishermen on board, otherwise discomfort when fishing (boat 5,40 x 2,45), 3rd - surcharge 10 000r;
- Children and women - you can, but negotiated separately: no toilet, saved vests;
- we do not take more than 10 tails a day by trolling, we turn to other kinds of catching;

In connection with 08-00 to 23-00 daily

The cost of the tour does not include the costs for the 95th gasoline:
- in the trolling mode 10-12 hours the consumption of 25-30 liters for the whole day;
- long transitions at the rate of 25-35 liters per hour under the motor;

Prepayment of the tour 100%, payment of gasoline costs - after the fact;

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Targeted species

Caspian asp (Zherekh)

Perch (European)



Zander (Pike Perch)

Fishing techniques

Clonk fishing





Children Allowed

Clients Keep Catch

Types of fishing

Boat Specification

Crestliner Raptor 1750 WT TE

Boat horsepower capacity:150 hp

Person capacity:4 persons

Length:5.4 meters


Air Conditioning


Multimedia System



Fighting chair

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