Megabass crankbait

Huge crankbait  “GRENADE” almost bigbait.


Gigantic Crankbait  “GRENADE”

It is huge size crankbait of Megabass.

price:2200 yen

Just checking spec, you can notice it is huge lure.
Now let`s see details of this lure which I got another day.

Details of “GRENADE”

The package is not usual Megabass one.
It`s special package for this lure.

Reverse side.
According to instruction, you can cast it more than 50m.

Color is ITO MINT.

This is “GRENADE”.
Just looking this lure, it`s difficult to know his size.

From upper. It has stumpy body.

Abdomen part. It`s not so fat.

It has special shape lip.

The gill part is three-dimensional. It`s more detailed than another Megabass crankbait.

Always I feel beauty of Megabass when I see abdomen part of Megabass lures.
How beautiful, reflecting the light.

Comparison with another lures.

With SR-X GRIFON. You can see how big this lure.

JOINTED CLAW 178. “GRENADE”is shorter but the volume is bigger.
It looks like a bigbait not a crankbait.

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