Экскурсия на лодке по каналам санкт-петербурга

The unique charm of Northern Venice

Lots of rivers, channels and canals enclosed in stone embankments cut and cross St. Petersburg in all directions. This gives the city a special signature charm. Meanwhile such an abundance of waterways gives a wonderful opportunity for numerous tourists - an excursion along the rivers and canals of the city. St. Petersburg museums offer world-famous works of art, historical and architectural monuments of the city are described in the works that have long become classics of literature. But in order to experience the charm of St. Petersburg and to understand what exactly inspires artists and poets, it is not enough to see the sights. It is necessary to walk among them? inhale the air of the city and to take a glance from a new perspective . River tours in St. Petersburg are a great way to diversify leisure and get a lot of pleasant impressions. Excursions around St. Petersburg on a boat are appreciated by both the residents of Northern capital and its guests. During the strolls along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, the city opens completely from a completely different side.

Exciting routes, comfortable transport, convenient schedule

Daytime cruises along the rivers and canals are very popular among tourists. Each cruise along the rivers and canals itself is interesting and unique in its own way. Besides, water trips along rivers and canals are often much more convenient and comfortable than bus or walking tours.

  • St. Petersburg attractions invite tourists from all over the world. During one year the number of guests is estimated in millions. Every year this figure grows, as well as congestion of streets and highways. But excursions on boats allow to avoid waiting in traffic jams and traffic lights. So you will get only positive impressions from the trip.
  • It can be hard for the guests of the city to orientate themselves and arrive on time before the beginning of a bus excursion, for instance. Especially if the tour starts from the outlying areas. Our boats leave from the city center and it is easy to get by public transport to the pier. The schedule of a boat cruises is such that the new tour starts every 15 minutes. This will guarantee that no one will be late for an exciting excursion.
  • Routes pass through the most famous and picturesque corners of St. Petersburg. Gala Neva, Griboedov Canal and, of course, Fontanka. We give everyone an opportunity to visit them personally, our excursions are interesting from the beginning to the end.

Guided tours along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg are convenient because any details regarding the cost, the schedule and the route, can be checked on the web - site, online.

The unforgettable tour, available to everyone

Guided tour along the rivers and canals will definately be remembered by the guests of St. Petersburg. It will help get the most complete impression out of the visit. For the locals such trips along the rivers and canals are necessary so that the beauty of the city does not cease to attract attention. The price of a ticket for cruises along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg easily fits in a modest budget. Moreover, the schedule, is such that the tour starts every 15 minutes. This allows you to fit a tour into the most dense tourist program or work schedule.

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